We Demand:

  1. Recognition of the Student Workers Coalition as the duly authorized union of its members, and entry by the College into good-faith negotiation over student worker wages, hours and conditions with the union. The college shall remain neutral in any worker elections regarding unionization.
  2. The replacement of “work at will” employment conditions with a negotiated contract, adjusted annually, that only allows workers to be fired with cause.
  3. The replacement of the current wage system with a pay scale based upon a 15$ an hour starting wage for all student workers, with fifty-cent per hour raises granted for every two-semesters worked at the same job.
  4. The recognition of workers’ Weingarten rights, and the incorporation of elected shop stewards into a grievances process overseen by the union that will protect worker rights on the job.
  5. The right of student-workers to organize their workplaces and enter into collective negotiations with individual supervisors, department chairs and the Reed administration regarding the conditions within their jobs be freely acknowledged by the college without any attempt at retaliation.
  6. A dedicated staff member within HR whose duties shall include outreach to student workers regarding work-place rights, addressing employment grievances not otherwise able to be remedied through union structures, and responding to grievances brought forward by the Student Workers Coalition.
  7. The College negotiate with the Student Workers Coalition annually regarding a minimum number of student jobs to be maintained in departments across campus in order to ensure that work is evenly distributed among workers, the needs of the community are met, and low-income students have adequate access to well-paid, supportive jobs as students so that they may work while attending school in pursuit of minimizing their student loan debt.