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Dear Lorraine and John,

We ask you to recognize the Reed Student Workers Coalition and the HA Union. The work of House Advisors (HAs) helps students succeed in the rigorous environment of Reed. Allowing HAs to improve their working conditions will assist them in facilitating the wellbeing and support-seeking behavior of students. On March 22nd, House Advisors voted “Yes” in favor of a democratic union to represent them and their job-specific needs. The regional National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has certified the HA union and affirmed the labor rights of HAs as common law employees. We kindly ask that the democratic voice of the House Advisors be respected.

We ask, moreover, that the College withdraw its recent appeal to the Trump-appointed, central NLRB. In the appeal, the College asks the board to “review and reverse” the Columbia precedent, which nationally secures student-workers their labor rights as employees. The College is thus seeking to take away from student-employees all across the country the right to improve their working conditions. This action hurts Reed Alumni, many of whom are graduate student-employees. This politically-motivated behavior estranges the College from its students, faculty, and the Reed Community at large.

Kind regards,